{April 23, 2009}   exams and birthdays

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. No more assignments, but suddenly there were a million little things to get done, travel arrangements and so on that i’d been too busy to deal with. And there were those pesky exams, too. ;) monday evening i thought i was finally really done… Then found out the TA who was so behind on marking assignments had actually lost a bunch of them somehow (good thing they were digital), but we weren’t told which ones were lost and which just weren’t marked, so i had to re-email a bunch of my stuff, and then there were more problems… I spent most of tuesday emailing him and checking for replies, so i couldn’t get any code written.

By tuesday evening that was finally over. I thought i’d finally get to sit and hack on wednesday, but suddenly i had to book flights, and found a decently priced wii. Good things, but distracting. In the evening i went to a friend’s place for a crafting night, but ended up hacking instead of sewing :) i just couldn’t leave the code alone any longer.

Despite all the craziness it’s been a fun time, though. Having more control over my own schedule again is pretty nice. When classes ended i was a little worried because i didn’t feel motivated to work on kde much, but that’s gone now – it seems i’m still quite addicted. ;) The trip to boston will probably be a lot of fun, and just in time for my birthday too :)

it kinda seems like one big long birthday in some ways – my mum gave me bday money last week, and yesterday i spent it on the wii. pete got me a microsdhc card with adaptors, and took me clothes shopping, and is generally spoiling me rotten ;) i think we’re both glad my classes are over and i’m more relaxed. This weekend is LFNW (i really need to plan my presentation) and in two weeks i’m off to boston! :) :) Even the weather is being awesome, it’s a lovely sunny day again…

I doubt i’ll have much hacking time today – planning for LFNW takes priority now – but pretty soon i’ll be back in action, trying to get as much as possible done before the feature freeze :)

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