{May 2, 2009}   fooooood

so I was going to blog about food again, wasn’t I?
last weekend I was at LFNW, so I didn’t cook. tomorrow I need to cook, but I still haven’t decided what I want.
but the week before my last food post, I made something yummy that I don’t want to forget about. roast veggies, baked tofu and miso gravy on spinach. :)

it was pretty simple, really. I sliced up and marinated a pack of firm tofu in soy sauce (and a tiny bit of hot sauce). I chopped up some potatoes, a yam, a couple of peppers, most of a bulb of garlic, and possibly a onion into bite-size pieces, coated them with oil, salt and pepper, and… I think I used half a pack of rosemary, too. then I put the tofu and veggies onto baking sheets, stuck them in the oven, and started on the miso gravy.

I used an online recipe for the gravy… iirc it was this one. I only used a cup and a bit of water (that way the ingredients fit easily into my measuring jug with the nice spout) and added extra soymilk later. I think I forgot about the pepper, though, and didn’t add any salt as it was *quite* salty enough already.

with that cooking, I forgot to turn the veggies and tofu over (oops), chopped the ends off a bunch of spinach, washed it, and chopped up a tomato or two. I would’ve sliced some avocados but couldn’t find ripe ones that day. by then I think everything was nearly done (roast veggies generally take 40 minutes at 400-ish; here’s a veggie roasting tutorial). I took everything out of the oven, poured the gravy back into the measuring jug (it’s not fun to pour liquids out of a frying pan), and dinner was done. :)

for my own plate I put down a layer of spinach, added a pile of tofu and veggies on top, arranged some tomato slices around the edges, and poured gravy over it all :) I like it when my food is pretty as well as delicious. shame I didn’t take a picture.

hmmm. maybe I’ll do that again tomorrow. or maybe I’ll do mushroom soup. decisions, decisions…

Nick says:

we need a photo of you eating the food ;)

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