{May 2, 2009}   spring has sprung, the code is riz

it’s raining today… possibly for the first time in a week. the weather lately has been, on the whole, quite lovely. blue skies and sunshine and cherry blossoms :)

I’ve been hiding inside most of the time, though. there’s always some reason go out in the sunshine for a little bit, but then I’m back at my computer, writing more code. :) it’s really nice to be getting code written again. well, it’s frustrating too at times – but now that it seems to be coming together, I feel good.

assuming nobody objects to my review requests, 4.3 will have configurable keyboard shortcuts for plasma. :) whee. the defaults in 4.3 are completely different from 4.2, but I don’t have to list them, because you can just go into the config dialog and see for yourself. :) the reason they changed is that people kept finding conflicts, and I got sick of trying to dance around whatever shortcuts some random plasmoid might possibly want to use someday, so I made them all emacs-style shortcuts that start with alt+d. now all I have to worry about is something trying to use alt+d (although I have a feeling alt isn’t a good modifier to use; if you have a better suggestion for something that’s unlikely to conflict with anything and isn’t a pain to type, tell me now).

once that’s in, I need to do some cleanup on the kaction creation code, and some actioncollection stuff I’m not quite happy with. I’d be writing that code right now, but it’d be a PITA to keep it separate from this already-getting-big shorcuts patch. as soon as feature freeze hits I have *got* to set up git-svn :P

while I’ve been waiting for a review on the shortcut code, I poked at the sreensaver a bit, changing some text (and discovering that one of my libplasma changes was clobbering text on the lock action, and I managed to break the config action aaagain).

I’m hoping that the unlock-y actions will be a bit clearer now: when the screen is locked, the action that unlocks and leaves the screensaver is “unlock”, and the action that unlocks but keeps you there is “configure widgets”. when the screen isn’t locked (either because you clicked “configure widgets” from a locked screen or from the screensaver kcm) the action that leaves is “leave screensaver”, and the action that relocks it is “lock screen”. I’m still not 100% happy with these strings (or the icons for these actions), but they should make more sense than the old ones. string freeze is coming, the goose is getting fat… um. aanyways. :) screenshots!

there’s also a bunch of other things I was planning to work on… once feature freeze hits, I can go around checking widgets for security stuff (I do hope I can fix all security issues without string changes – why’s the string freeze so soon?) and the Icon plasmoid has some bugs that… really bug me. and of course there’s summer of code approaching :) whee, it’s going to be a fun summer.

Angel Blue01 says:

Thank you thank you! I really don’t like the current system of keyboard shortcuts in Plasma, its so easy for them override each other and it doesn’t look like many Plasma functions even have keyboard shortcuts. This finally addresses this problem.

I wunder where dem bugsies iz?

Jan Kundrát says:

I wonder if the usability guys are dormant again. Can you *really* read the text on a transparent background?

dukat says:

Please, do not ever use ALT as a shortcut modifier – ALT is used as an accelerator to go to regular menus (ALT-F to Open File Menu …), or to jump within a dialog (ALT-O to jump to the OK button, maybe ALT-C to the cancel). Any other use of ALT is really bad design. For global access functions there’s a dedicated key already there for ages now – SUPER. Just because there’s mostly a Windows logo on top of it, it doesn’t mean it’s non-functional in Linux. Even the Apple keyboard has the SUPER key. So, SUPER-P(lasma) would come into mind easily…

mahoutsukai says:

To what dukat already wrote I want to add that in German translation Alt+D opens the File (Datei) menu which is present in almost all applications. So Alt+D is not going to work for Plasma in a German KDE.

maniacmusician says:

dukat: I could see that possibly being an issue, as some keyboards don’t have a Super key.

dukat says:

Hi maniacmusician – all new PC keyboards since around 1996-97 have a SUPER key. The last resistant against SUPER key was IBM, as far as I know. But even that changed when Lenovo took over. So, “some” should be something like: There is a tiny fraction of legacy keyboards that don’t have a SUPER key. That shouldn’t be problematic, as this is just for shortcuts. You can still access all functionality even with legacy keyboards. You don’t get state-of-the art compositing with legacy graphic cards from 1998 either. And still, KDE continues to work with old cards (at least I guess so ;-) – albeit without compositing.

Chani says:

do I really need to point out that plasma doesn’t *have* a file menu?

in fact, that kinda makes me want to use alt-d all the more, mahoutsukai :) it’ll work just fine *and* might be familiar to germans.

I suppose the only possible problem would be if someone wants to write a shell that does have a menubar – but if they do, then they can also change the shortcuts…

win-p isn’t good because the keys are on opposite sides of the keyboard, but win-d is another possibility… except my n810 has no super key. I do want plasma on my n810 someday. then again, the shortcuts can be changed :)

Jeffery says:

@Chani: As for the super key and p being on the opposite sides of the keyboard, that depends on the model, and if you’re using the keyboard instead of the mouse, I can’t see a two-handed shorcut being much more bother. I’d vote for super+p or super+d (p for plasma/d for desktop – either one would work, although I realize plasma is not constrained to the traditional desktop, so that’s your call)
I would note that your N810 doesn’t have an alt key, either – although some hardware keys are mapped to alt+foo combinations, IIRC. /me wants plasma-goodness on his N810 too, though. :P

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