{May 3, 2009}   more food

so I did the roasted veggies & tofu thing again. :)

last time I think I used two packs of tofu – this time I used three. I also got more veggies, including a small butternut squash. I used less soy sauce and a spoonful of some garlic chili sauce for the tofu – that didn’t turn out so well, they didn’t really soak up *any* flavour. I’m not sure if I just need to use more, or if there’s something else I can do.

as for the veggies, I decided to time how long chopping them took, because I always seem to underestimate that step. :) washing and chopping four medium potatoes took 5-10 minutes. peeling and chopping two yams took ten minutes. peeling and chopping the squash took twenty. I was a bit unsure how to handle that squash – hte peeler didn’t take off all the skin, so I ended up cutting some off with a knife too, and then I had to take out the seeds inside – turned out to be easier to just chop slices away from the outside of the part with the seeds.

washing and chopping four peppers took seven minutes, and so did the bulb of garlic. the onion jason offered to chop – apparently his contacts protect his eyes. :) after that I spent about 5 minutes putting oil, salt, pepper and herbs onto the veggies. there was no fresh rosemary at the shop today, so I tried thyme. plus a bit of dried rosemary. :) yum.

I made the gravy with a little less miso & soy sauce this time, plus more mustard. it was nice, and much milder. somehow we barely had enough though – strange, because last time there was lots of leftover gravy. maybe I just used less soy milk this time, or let it thicken more. or maybe people just ate more. :) we had a guest staying that I’d forgotten about, too, so while we did have leftover tofu and veggies, there was just exactly enough spinach (another thing we’d had more than enough of last time).

I remembered to chop the spinach before washing it this time, and to flip the veggies and tofu. :) unfortunately we have a rather small oven, and I had two pans of veggies and one of tofu, so they weren’t cooking as fast or as evenly as I’d assumed. I ended up shuffling them around a fair bit, and the veggies came out ok, but the tofu suddenly went from barely-cooked-looking to puffing up. oh well, it made some of it a bit tough, but with gravy on top it was still good. :)

instead of tomatoes around the edges, I sliced up some strawberries and apple :) a nice spring plate. it’s kinda funny how rarely fruit is used in meals, because it works quite well.

and this time, I remembered to take pictures. :)

pretty plates:

the hot food:

ready to eat:

Anonymous Coward says:

Sorry, but please don’t post stuff like that on Planet KDE anymore. This has nothing to do with it.

notmart says:

Dear Anonymous Coward, nobody is forcing you to read planetkde or the posts that are so offending you, really.

anon says:

Feel free to skip right over posts that don’t interest you. It’s not like (or Chani’s blog) have a low signal-to-noise ratio – what’s wrong with having the occasional off-topic post?

Nick says:

>It’s kinda funny how rarely fruit is used in meals, because it works quite well.

good point

Icy says:

Hi, as for the squash, try cutting it into halves and then slices and then cut the skin and the seeds. Some squashes even don’t have to be peeled. at least that’s how my grandma thought me :)

Looks really tastly, and don’t bother the first comment, personally I think it’s good if there are some not KDE related post also.

Try and marinade the tofu – chop up and stick it in the sauce, as far in advance as possible. It takes a loooooong time though.

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