{May 5, 2009}   one last feature

so monday was feature freeze. I spent part of the day looking at the Icon plasmoid, and decided that the only problem it had that wasn’t a bug was too big to deal with in one day. after dinner I remembered that I had one other thing left on hte feature plan… making it possible to paste stuff as well as drag it to the desktop.

for a while it’s been possible to drag arbitrary content onto the desktop and turn it into a plasmoid, but a few times I found myself trying to paste text instead (dragging’s kinda annoying with a trackpad) and sadly it didn’t work. I’d assumed I wouldn’t have time to get to this feature, but there were still a few hours left in the day, and when I looked into the code I found out there was really very little work to be done. :) two hours later I had a patch that made paste do the same thing as drag&drop. whee :)

this’ll be configurable in 4.4, as part of my soc project, but I just didn’t want to wait that long for such a sensible action that takes so little effort.

Fri13 says:

Wow, sounds nice. One thing what I have not liked on Notes plasmoid, it ain’t easy to use for multiple different texts. You need to add a new widget to get new note to desktop.

Always wondered if it would be possible to select text and paste/drag it to desktop and it would turn to be a note or other widget. Or it would be easy to just add new note by clickin already existing one. More like tomboy/knotes.

T. J. Brumfield says:

This is a small gripe, but if I have folder view as my desktop containment, trying to get a classic desktop, and I right click on an entry in Kickoff and say “Add to Desktop”, it creates an icon plasmoid rather than a .desktop file in $HOME/Desktop.

Would it be possible for it to check if Folder view was the containment, and if so, then alter its behavior?

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