{May 23, 2009}   aaand we’re off! [gsoc week 0]

well, summer of code officially starts today. :)

I have my git repo. I won’t be starting code today, though. it’s a saturday, and I skipped going to the beach to work on scripty, and I’m going out this evening for once.

the last couple of weeks have been busy. I did do some stuff for summer of code – I got help from #kde-usability in designing a non-scary config UI, and sorted out some other little things. most of the time, though, I was busy with other KDE stuff, and real life.

I’ve been slowly chipping away at the security stuff – now that feature freeze has hit, I can check applets’ behaviour without worrying that it’ll change the next day. once I’ve checked all the applets in kdebase and kdeplasma-addons, I’ll set plasma-overlay (the plasma that runs on the screensaver) to only show applets that are safe. I guess I’ll also have to put something up on techbase about how to make an applet safe; there’s some stuff in plasma’s design/ folder right now.

the other thing I’ve been working on – or staring at – is scripty. well, not just scripty, really; I’m interested in all the translation scripts that use svn commands, because they won’t work so well if a project moves to git ;) the code is only partly documented, it’s a mix of c++, bash, perl and python, and it’s kinda scary. but it’s fun. :) I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at it and asking questions, trying to learn how it works and how it can be made to support git modules as well as svn modules without anything breaking. I don’t have plans to move the translation stuff itself out of svn – one thing at a time – I just want it to be possible for parts of kde to switch to git and still get translations.

last weekend I was out on a sailboat relaxing, and when I came back mattr had picked up the scripty thing. he did a straight port to git (ie, replace all svn commands with git ones) then handed the project back to me – he’s got lots of bugzilla work to do. I finally started writing some code for scripty last night.

I’m a bit frustrated with it today, though. I found some svn externals, and they’re a problem because obviously they can only refer to *svn* repositories, and the best solution there can be right now is to have a script that updates stuff that can be run instead of svn up… but one translator has told me that’s not acceptable. so, well, I might have wasted the last couple of weeks :(

anyways, I guess I should focus on my gsoc project now. plasma mouse stuff… finally we won’t have to have hardcoded contextmenus in all the containments. :) this week I’ll just be getting a skeleton made up based on the wallpaper plugins…

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