{May 24, 2009}   bean salad FTW; dell laptops FTL

another yummy dinner. :)

I actually woke up this morning from a dream about various things I could cook for dinner. lots of ideas there – lentils, corn, gnocci, and something I’ve forgotten… but somewhere there was also the idea of beans, competing with my craving for salad – and so I decided to try making bean salad. :)

I also made regular salad and corn on the cob, but those are both fairly simple. bean salad I’d never made before. in fact, I’d never even heard of it until a month or two ago when I was in safeway looking for instant dinner and found they make a really nice 7-bean salad.

so, I looked up some recipes, and found a three bean salad recipe. I’m not really a fan of chickpeas, so I used a can of romano beans instead, and some mung beans too (绿豆). those were dry, though, so I tossed a bunch of them in water and let them cook for 40 minutes. while that was cooking I washed some dishes and cleaned the kitchen a bit (I dunno if it’s pancake batter or wax on the counters, but it’s gonna take some scrubbing…)

when I first opened the tim of romano beans, I thought the salad couldn’t possibly work – they were soggy and covered in slime. but I rinsed them well, and all the other beans too. the cans of kidney beans and romano beans were larger than the recipe called for, and I vastly underestimated the volume of mung beans, so the salad was looking rather… green. somehow it looked just fine when it was done, though. :) I didn’t use any extra onion or celery. as for the rosemary and parsley, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to chop those finely – my knife just wanted to push them around – but I got them mostly chopped up and tossed them in. for the dressing I made 1.5 times the amount, and it just vanished into the beans instantly – next time I’ll make twice as much.

once I finally had the bean salad done (at 6pm – a bit more than an hour after I put those mung beans on the stove) I put it in the fridge and started on the regular salad. red, orange, and yellow peppers, a perfectly ripe avocado (I got quite lucky, that shop rarely has any ripe ones), some cherry tomatoes, a prepackaged lettuce mix, and a few slices of strawberry. :) then I tossed the corn in the pot – I love how easy corn is, you just peel it and boil it for 10-15 minutes and that’s it. or you can microwave it in its husk if you’re really lazy ;)

I’d almost forgot to make salad dressing. for that I just mixed some nice balsamic vinegar with olive and flax oil, and added some dill that needed using up.

when the corn was ready I pulled the bean salad out of the fridge (yeah, it was supposed to sit for more than an hour, but I was hungry!) and… well… I took a photo, but this damn laptop isn’t reading sd cards any more. wtf… it seems to be failing piece by piece. :( usb, dvd, webcam, now sd too…

in other news, I’m feeling more optimistic about scripty again :) yay.

Med says:

Your laptop is not under warranty anymore?

iain says:

“as for the rosemary and parsley, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to chop those finely”

Very sharp knife or a Hachoir:

Ian Monroe says:

Hooray for Scripty!

Jeffery says:

That’s sad about your laptop, Chani… My Dell just went in for service, too – it’s just getting old, and the touchpad is glitching. Maybe we should start a support group :P
That said, I’ve had much worse luck with HP

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