{May 30, 2009}   gsoc week 1

not a whole lot to report. I got the basic plugin structure written, and then I realised that it made much more sense to write a dummy plugin sooner rather than later, so I did that too. I was about to make Containment try and use it, but that’s next week’s task, so instead I wrote a bunch of notes about it and spent friday working on scripty. :)

I think scripty’s ready for some testing now – but that code is rather scary and I’m sure to have made a silly mistake somewhere (other than the one tsdgeos caught), so I’m gonna see if I can test it locally before letting the real scripty run it.

except, it’s saturday and it’s a beautiful day, so first I’m gonna go to the beach :)

anon says:

Huge thanks for stepping up and taking care of scripty – hopefully this will help speed up the much-needed switch to git!

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