{June 3, 2009}   getting ahead of myself again (gsoc week 2)

ok, so the project so far is turning out to be a bit easier than I expected :) I’m sure that’ll change when I reach the config UI :P but for now I feel like I’m getting a lot done.

monday was scripty, and tuesday I didn’t get much code time in, but I wandered back online after midnight and got my hashing stuff working. :) the button and modifiers used in the event are turned into a string that’s my unique ID for plugins, so any plugin I add will be run when the corresponding event happens.

today I made the dummy plugin show a contextmenu with an entry from the containment. that was so easy that I couldn’t resist making another plugin. :) in slightly less than two hours (including a lot of irc time) I moved the scrollwheel-changes-desktop code into a plugin, and also made that plugin show a list of desktops to switch to if it’s bound to a button instead of a wheel (yes, *a* wheel; my touchpad has two of them and I can bind each to its own plugin). :)

I’m quite pleased with how stupidly easy it was to do that. writing plugin stuff is a lot less of a headache than fighting with xorg and weird screensaver issues…

after that, I figured out where to put config stuff, and added code to properly initialize the plugins – and warn the user if the plugin needs configuring.

it’s not very pretty right now, but it’ll be easier to finish once I actually have a config dialog :) maybe I’ll start on that tomorrow, or maybe I’ll spend another day on scripty.

beautiful stuff *tear*

hehehe, the config interface seems like magic from the plugin author’s perspective.

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