{June 21, 2009}   berlin! also, gsoc week 4

[very tired.. this may or may not make any actual sense… and I’m too tired to insert screenshots]

I may not travel quite as much as aaron, but airports are starting to feel far too familiar ;) i’m on the last leg of my flight right now, between frankfurt and berlin. I have a whole three seats to myself :D frankfurt airport was, as usual, full of long badly-managed lines, but i got to skip one of them because my flight was already boarding. Calgary airport now requires some silly registration process for their free wifi – but hey, that’s still better than nonfree wifi. :) And vancouver airport i don’t even notice any more. It’s just… There. Same old thing. But with a few more olympics logos each time :P

aaron met me for coffee while i was passing through calgary (ok, he bought coffee and i stole some ;) and of course it was mere minutes before the laptop came out. He had some suggestions for *another* different approach to my config ui. :)
So about that ui… i spent the last week and a bit poking at it, yelling at it and hating it, inbetween preparing for my trip and other important things. I looked a while at the keyboard shortcut config code. It scared me. I started writing a model-view ui based on that and got really frustrated. Then one evening i talked to dfaure, and ended up starting over again with his model-view suggestions, which seemed more along the lines of the qt documentation. I was up past 5am wednesday night fighting with delagates and editors, and while i did eventually get something sorta-mostly-functional, it looked icky, and mysteriously stopped working when i tried to show it to aaron :P so i was getting the feeling that i was trying to shove a square peg in a round hole again.

Aaron suggested something that could do the editor widgets for me without the ugliness my code had, and he also suggested just dropping model-view and writing something simpler. I’ll look into those two options once i recover from jetlag – my alarm went off at 5:15am, my watch says 11:20pm, and in germany it’s 8:20am, so not only have i been a zombie all day, but a new day is starting without giving me a chance to sleep ;P
ah well. There were some decent movies on the long flight – transporter 3 (yay explosions), slumdog millionaire, and some bollywood movie i only got to see the first bit of. I really like the dancing in bollywood movies; someday i wanna learn to dance like that :)
I listened to a bunch of chinese pop on that flight, too… So now my brain’s full of chinese instead of german. Oops. :)
And now i’m on a train headed to maelcum’s place… I accidentally got off the bus too early (remember that scene in eurotrip where they get a ride to the wrong place?), but it was just a different train station, no worries. :) I just need to stay awake long enough to get there…

…and here I am, and here’s this post, and I think I might pass out now.

vlad says:

gosh. i wish you a good nights rest.

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