{June 25, 2009}   a safer screensaver for 4.3

well, I just flipped the switch. I made my security code filter out all plasmoids that don’t declare themselves to be safe. this means that in 4.3, the screensaver will (in theory) only have safe applets available.

I’ve gone through all the applets in kdebase and kdeplasma-addons while they were frozen, making them conform to the security stuff I have so far. a few will adapt their features to not do unsafe things when they’re on the screensaver, and most of the rest were either already safe or should never be there. there are a handful of tricky ones that I haven’t dealt with yet, so a few more *might* appear in 4.3 if I have time, but I decided that possibly missing a few plasmoids is better than having a ton of inappropriate ones available.
I won’t touch playground, because it’s not feature-frozen. no sense in adding security statements that could be wrong 5 minutes later if someone decides to commit a new feature.

for the plasmoids outside of kdebase and kdeplasma-addons, the authors will have to add the security stuff to their .desktop files if they want them on the screensaver. *please* be careful and truthful when doing this, because we don’t yet have the code to disable features that plasmoids claim to not use. I haven’t written a nice how-to about it yet, but there is the design document in svn.

of course, if you as a user decide you know what you’re doing and you really really want an unsafe widget on your screensaver, you can edit your config files to add it. but if you do that you’re on your own ;)

p.s. berlin is zooper cool! ;)

JohnFlux says:

Maybe this could be used in KDM as well. It would be nice to add some plasma widgets to the login manager. For example to show battery status, and to select keyboard.

Chani says:

yes, I was considering that for gsoc but changed my mind, and it seems nobody else wanted to do it.

Thats a great help thanks!

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