{June 29, 2009}   gsoc week 5

so for last week I was in berlin for linuxtag… I’ll blog more about that later. now I’m in oslo, where it is unreasonably hot.

at linuxtag I spent a few mornings hacking on my gsoc project, and a couple of afternoons finding random people to test it on. :) after two model-view attempts the previous week, I decided to take the “fuck model-view” approach this time. it’s highly unlikely that there will ever be more than a dozen of these kind of plugins, so I don’t need scalability, just something small and simple. I made a widget that shows one plugin, and stuck a bunch of them in a scrollarea. :)

it could still use some tweaking, but I think this is a much more intuitive layout. it could be a bit more obvious what to do after clicking the input button, though…

anyways, now that this is committed, and it’s in good enough shape to live with for a while, I’ll be moving on to the contextmenu plugin i think. either that or I’ll make that “configure” button work. right now I’m just going to sleeeeeep.

The Ffejery says:

That’s looking really good, Chani. :P I haven’t used Model-View, but it sounds like ditching it for this was probably for the best. I can’t wait to try this out! (All the PlanetKDE posters are horrible people – how can I run a stable system when I always have to try out the latest features I keep reading about?! XD)

Ricardo Berlasso says:

(Arrived here for a comment in another blog…)
That means I’ll will be able to _disable_ the “mouse wheel switch desktop” thing? Ppppppplease, say yes!!!! :)

Ricardo Berlasso says:


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