{July 4, 2009}   las palmas!

whee :) I’m in las palmas now, at GCDS, and continuing that great tradition of wandering the intarwebs while presentations are being presentated ;)

madrid was nice, but very very hot. I went to toledo on thursday and did the tourist thing… and forgot to bring my camera, of course. but the importnat thing is I remembred to bring a *lot* of water. :)

friday I was off to the airport yet again… I ran into one of the other gsoc students there, which was nice :) so we spent the flight hacking and talking about our projects n’stuff. our hotels were far apart, though. I got off the bus at st catalina park, walked down to the beach and quickly found brisamar canteras. my room has two beds, a couch (that someone is going to have to sleep on for the week), and a little tiny kitchen. sadly the wifi is only in the lobby. :(

eventually I wandered down the beach to register. the conference building was quite easy to find, and we got free towels :) but I found out there won’t be any free food or catering or anything. we have to fend for ourselves, three times a day. I’d not actually eaten anything but a slice of quiche that day, so I was very hungry… I found some other gcds people at a bar, but their menu was divided into meat and fish, and a lot of places were closed (dinnertime seems to start at 8:30pm in spain). I didn’t feel like walking around reading menus, so I went to carrefour and bought bread, cheese, pasta n’stuff. thank god I have a kitchen in my room; having looked at a few more menus later that evening, I realised I’m probably going to be using it a lot. :P I’m not sure why they bothered asking us about dietary restrictions… they haven’t *done* anything with the information.

anyways, there were far more people at my hotel when I got back there. yay :) it’s great to see familiar faces. after hanging out with people for a while I went and cooked myself dinner… the kitchen is missing a few things, though. there’s no bowls, dish soap or sponge, and the only knife is a bread knife… but I managed :) I’ve probably put on a bit of weight from all the yummy cheese in berlin anyways so I can survive with less for a few days ;)

[edit: I eventually found the wiki page of restaurants, which lists some veggie options. and tonight went out for dinner in a group with some other vegetarians. yay food :) and ice cream :) ]

after dinner I headed out to the party. lots more people there. I’ll probably be overwhelmed by the number of people by tomorrow. but for now it’s still fun. I got a kubuntu nightgown (the only shirt size was L :P ) and free beer, and more beer… I think it was 1am when I left, and then one of my roommates showed up as I was getting ready for bed. so getting up this morning was hard :P

the weather here is nice; the wind makes it a lot cooler than madrid and oslo. :) and of course there’s a beach! yay beach.

the sugar guy is talking about kids solving their own problems right now; writing a dictionary when they discovered that sugar didn’t have one for their language. that’s an important thing, empowering people to solve their own problems. reminds me of something I was thinking last night…

travelling on my own is a wonderful feeling. I don’t mean just hopping on a plane, meeting people on the other side for a conference, then going back to the airport with them and going home. I mean actually being out on my own, having to find my own way from place to place – meeting people, but not doing everything with them, not being dependent on them to get around or know where to go. when I did my little trip around china last year I was even more free, staying in hostels – shanghai was the first city I was in where I really didn’t know a single person.

it’s stressful at times, but that independence gives me a feeling of strength. if something’s broken I get it fixed; if the food sucks I find other food. I solve my own problems. :)

…although solving the food problem will get old pretty fast, so I’ll be happy to go home in a week and have someone else take care of that for a bit. ;) and as nice as it is to get lots of hugs from all my friends… well… yeah. it’s nice to be here; it’ll be nice to be home, too. :)

Sounds like fun, Chani. Some of us do not read English as a native language, and it is very difficult for us to read without proper capitalization. Could you please capitalize your posts, so that we can enjoy reading them? I had to give up halfway through, even though I wanted to read what you took the time to write.


Mark says:

I agree, I have the same problem in reading the posts.

Alejandro Nova says:

Now you are there, cut those gnomies’ throats! NOW! Don’t leave anyone of those dirty little gnomies alive! xD

Seriously, Linux sorely needs integration. Have a great time there in Gran Canaria, and please, consider a visit to Chile. Unlike almost any other country in Latin America, we are selling our souls to Microsoft, and the only thing that deterred the chilean Citizen Registry Service from handing out all Chileans’ records to Microsoft was the discovery of a bribe scheme crafted by Guillermo Arenas to channel some bribes to himself. So, we need some FOSS help, here and now.

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