{July 7, 2009}   gcds

so, gcds is going well. :) saturday-monday there were talks talks and more talks; today it’s the e.V meeting… democracy is slow :P it took over an hour to get everyone in here, and if we don’t finish by lunchtime we’ll have to do that again after lunch…

anyways, the rest of the week was much more interesting than this meeting. :) I got to see some gnome guys again, and of course loads of kde people. :) on saturday we had the keynotes and lightning talks… lots of interesting little things that I wrote notes on, and I know I have those notes *somewhere*… ;) there’s so much to do here, I’ll probably try to sort through the piles of data when I get home.

sunday we had cross-desktop talks in the morning, and akademy/guadec in the afternoon. I popped into some gnome talks then… one turned out to be about microsoft accessibility stuff in mono, I think. I didn’t know enough about accessibility to get much out of it. the other was zeitgeist, and I wish I’d spent more time in that room… it sounds like nepomuk on steroids ;) interesting but kinda spooky too.

monday I stuck to the kde track – the internet here is really overloaded, so I was often picking talks based on the titles and not reading the summaries. I missed a couple of things I wanted to see because of that :/ and monday afternoon I just wanted to go to every single talk. we *really* need a way to clone kde developers ;)

the getting-things-done talk was good, and celeste’s talk on how to communicate ui design stuff was useful too :) and there was some presentation that I don’t actually remember, but it did make me want to think about where kde is going in the next few years…

i’m currently blaming lack of sleep for my terrible lack of memory ;) there were more good presentations, I just don’t remember… so much is happening, so many people… :) oh, and I got my code compiling. hopefully I can get the config stuff started before ervin tell me what’s wrone with my API ;)

between talks I chatted with old friends and new faces… there’s a gnome guy doing accessibility stuff (oi, are you going to be at the wednesday party?), the usual random little plasma questions, an SCM lunch… I missed the freedesktop meeting (I don’t really have anything to contribute there anyways) so hopefully there’ll be some news on that soon…

sunday evening me, notmart and ruphy got sidetracked after dinner talking about plasma, so we never made it to that party. :) it was a fun evening anyways. the only thing we’re missing is someone to actually implement the ideas we discussed :P

monday I actually did get to the kde party, and that was fun… I have some random notes (learn lisp? I wonder why…), vague memories of conversations… me and annie managed to get some people dancing for a little while too. :)

tomorrow and thursday there’ll be bof sessions, and I don’t see anything on the wiki for friday or saturday so I *hope* I’ll actually be able to go swimming before it’s time to leave. :)

Stefan says:

For learning Lisp one could recommend Practical Common Lisp by Peter Seibel. It’s freely (as in beer) available here:

Sounds like lots of fun, sorry I couldn’t make it out to this one. Is there quite a bit of interaction between the KDE and Gnome folks? Hope you are all having a good conference – it looks like lots of fun :-)

Aaron Seigo says:

> it sounds like nepomuk on steroids

the two aren’t comparable. one is an onotology and information retrieval system, the other is a UI to such a system.

and currently nepomuk is on far firmer grounds technologically than zeitgeist. the zeitgeist people would do well to use the nepomuk ontologies, actually.

in any case, zeitgeist is an interesting application of information gathering and retrieval, but is is a small subset of semantic desktop (nepomuk).

what we do need to be doing is adding more hooks in our apps to speak to nepomuk (same issue with zeitgeist, of course) and then more UI’s delivering meaningful views and user interaction with them.

Fitopaldi says:

Hi Chani! I’m the guy that gave you the gnome hearth in KDE party. ;) Although I’m really a KDE user. O_o See you later at the hostel. Ah! My english is very very very bad, and that is the reason why I haven’t spoken to you.

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