{July 10, 2009}   gcds continues: bofs and hacking

so, when did I last blog? tuesday?
ahh yes, then I went and ran into the ocean and they wouldn’t let me back into the room until someone gave me a towel. :P I still haven’t actually been *swimming*, per se, but I at least got into the water a bit.

the e.V meeting finished in record time after lunch, and a bunch of people stuck around to hack or discuss the browser situation. that evening we had an aikido lesson from one of the kde guys… ingwa? (sorry, I really am that bad with names). that was great fun, and I discovered that the beach is the perfect place to practice falls and rolls. :) I’ll be back in my arnis class next week. looking forward to that. after sitting around hacking all day it’s a great way to unwind.

wednesday was our first day at the uni (aka the greenhouse). kinda lacking in air conditioning. but miracle of miracles, they have enough bandwidth for all, and power and wires at most desks. :)
the git bof went pretty well; we got a list of things that need doing, and then got people to volunteer for doing them. :) the room was packed, and even after we asked anyone just hacking to go to the other room, we still had people sitting in the aisle…

after that bof was lunch. after discovering plenty of nice food near the beach I’d let down my guard and not packed any lunch… but at the uni we were directed to a single cafeteria, where I spent a long time trying to talk my way into getting a vegetarian sandwich, and instead somehow ended up with a plain salad and a bread roll while my friend got a sandwich that may or may not have had tuna. :/ I’m glad I had one last energy bar lurking in my backpack.
after lunch I basked in the glow of teh interwebs, hacked on my soc project, and got some API review. :) once I have the config thing done and the api changes implemented, I think it’ll be time to get this code into trunk.

eventually we left the uni, after some confusion about who exactly was handing out bus tickets where, and went for tapas. and ice cream. the ice cream here is pretty damn awesome. we then attempted to walk to the party – see sebr’s blog.

there was an open bar at the party, which meant I could actually order drinks I *like*, yay :) there was much drinking and chatting and dirty jokes, and eventually dancing… I spent about half my time hanging out with random gnome guys who were fun to talk to. after all, it was our last party with them (and I missed the other joint party), and the alcohol really helps with all that awkwardness… in some ways this conference has been kinda like those old highschool dances, where the guys are in one corner and the girls in another, and eventually someone has to go up and ask someone else to dance. ;) it seems like there’s been plenty of collaboration anyways, but I’ll bet there’ll be a lot more when/if we do a second joint conference as it’ll be a meeting of friends instead of strangers.

still, I do wish the sponsors had given us more free food and less free beer. social lubrication is great, but when people spend over half an hour deciding what to eat and finding the place and then discovering it’s closed and having to find another place… well, it all leaves less time for hacking and talking. and when I don’t get good veggie food and end up hungry it’s hard to get much of anything done :/

anyways, thursday I somehow still got to the uni in time for the plasma/kwin bof. that went well, too; we got through the agenda (except for one thing I completely forgot to bring up), basically agreed on lots of stuff, and talked about how to accomplish it. :)

for lunch that day a few of us went off in search of an actual restaurant, and ended up finding a different cafeteria. a bunch of gnome guys showed up too, so we ended up chatting – most of them were tracker guys, and they told us about how tracker and strigi are working together, and how it’s going to use nepomuk stuff, and then they went off into technical discussions with notmart and ruphy that I didn’t really follow. :)

they seem to be generally enthusiastic about making stuff work together and making it easy for whatver components from either desktop to be used at will. yay standards :) by the end they’d persuaded me that I should write a proposal for sharing session-restore stuff, so that documents open when you log out of kde will be reopened when you log into gnome and vice versa. :) neither of us actually knows anything about the technology behind that, but I guess I have to learn now. ;)

oh, and if you haven’t yet, find leinir at the uni and sign our inflatable FLA. ;)

thursday afternoon was a hacking session at fataga (where they have air conditioning, and lots of nearby food). I was feeling tired of talking to people, so I’m not sure what they were working on, but I’m sure they can blog themselves. :) I tried to register for courses, then found out that my enrollment time was still several hours away (damn timezones). we found a wonderful taiwanese restaurant for dinner – more food than we could eat for less money than the tapas place, and it was delicious, and I got to practice my mandarin a bit speaking with the waitress. :)

friday morning, I slept in. :) oh sleep, how I’ve missed you…
now I’m back at fataga and everyone’s hacking again, and I’m… writing. and I still have more writing to do – notes to type up and send off to people. we discussed ZUI and window managemnent again over lunch, and sebas told us about some web integration plans. someone’s made a wikipedia runner. announcements are being proofread. code is being written. :) sebas really didn’t want to leave (he’s probably arriving at the airport right now).

oh, and here’s some email about kwallet and gnome keyring working on a common API. :) yay, collaboration!

anon says:

Yep, Inge is indeed KDE’s answer to Steven Seagal ;)

Fake ingwa says:


Diederik van der Boor says:

Curious, how people people attended the aikido demo? :)

Chani says:

about a dozen? but ervin and one other guy were just standing there watching us. :P

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