{July 12, 2009}   …and home to vancouver

the last two days in las palmas were fairly relaxing for me. :) after all the writing friday I went to riddell’s place, where there was food and people. a beer bottle was dropped, and then I was wondering why my food had crunchy bits… yes, it was glass in my food. but I don’t think I swallowed any. :) there were some interesting discussins about what people liked/disliked about the conference that night. saturday morning… urgh. construction work on saturday mornings should be illegal. :P eventually I gave up on sleep… I got out to the beach, and actually went swimming finally. :) I also discovered that my legs are refusing to be any colour but white, even without sunscreen. got a very mild burn on my stomach, though.

I wandered between hotels for the afternoon, trying to organize taxi stuff and find out what was happening in general. I got some german movies in exchange for some music :) but realized that there’s someone I was supposed to trade music with, and we never got around to it, and I don’t even remember his name…

anyways, there was more food at brisamar that evening – everyone who’d been cooking was trying to use up hte last of their food, and I never did open my bag of pasta – and then there was pancakes at blauzahl’s place, and eventually at 2am I stumbled over to fataga and spent two hours being half-awake. at 4am it was taxi time, and we headed off to the airport… where I met up with several people I’d said goodbye to earlier that night :)

the flights went fairly smoothly, although it was hard not to worry – I had to re-check-in in madrid, which was confusing, and I had to collect my bag for customs in toronto, but I had plenty of time between flights. one sad thing, though – it used to be that veggie meals on planes were always better than the regular meals. that’s no longer the case, at least not for air canada. the meals seem to be getting steadily worse… and they don’t actually have vegetarian, just vegan, which means no chocolate :( still, for one of the meals on my long flight I managed to get the veggie option from the regular meals, yay :)

now I’m back safe and sound, yay :) vancouver’s grey, but it’s home. :) but I don’t sleep well on planes, so god am I ever tired. and it’s going to be a busy week, so I probably still won’t be online all that much.

s says:

Grey? It was sunny for the most of the day, and at worst mildly overcast.

Mind you, the wind is making it unseasonably chilly!

notmart says:

yeah, re-checkin in madrid was -very- silly
/me had nearly missed the juction for that :)

Miha says:

proud to hear there are vegetarian meals on planes too … world is getting better

Stecchino says:

That person you wanted to trade music with was Alex Merry (RandomGuy3). I remember clearly the strangled cat^W beautiful singing that Friday night.

Actually, you took my Tom Lehrer (remember the faff with the microSD card readers?), but never gave me the Flanders & Swann. Not that it matters too much – I think I’ve got most of their stuff anyway.

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