{July 13, 2009}   gsoc week 7

so I did get that rightclick stuff compiling the day I last blogged, and included a bit of code for the panel’s rightclick. :) yay.

later in akademy I spent an afternoon hacking on plugin-specific config, and got some API review. on the way back to vancouver I set aside the half-implemented API review and went back to making the plugin config thing work. airplanes are a good place for getting myself to write code I’d rather avoid; so few distractions. :) of course, git is a must for that. it’d suck to manage all that stuff without local commits.

I now have a configurable title for the menu from my test plugin, yay. :) there are still several bugs in the code, so I need to do some cleanup, but being able to actually use it and see things happen makes me happy. :)

wow, akademy’s over. I miss you guys already.

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