{July 23, 2009}   dell is *fast*

so there was a bit of confusion on monday (some twit told me fedex would arrive that day and take the laptop, when actually it was purolator sometime in the next two days giving me a box and asking me to call back for pickup), but tuesday morning I had a box to put my laptop in and tuesday afternoon it was on its way to toronto. I was told 7-10 business days, but thursday morning the laptop was back. :) they just replaced all the faulty stuff, yay :)

all was not perfect… the dvd drive wouldn’t play movies, and I’m still not sure whether it was testing it in vista (my very first time using it! god it’s annoying) or upgrading libdvdread, but it works again now. the sound issues are reduced but not totally gone – I have to pull my headphones out a bit or the sound gets this weird underwater effect. the good speakers seem to go in further, though, past that weird spot. good enough for me. :)

so, yay! I have a laptop again! :) I’m quite impressed at the speed. maybe it helped that I had a post-it on the keyboard saying “thank you” ;)

now I just have to decide whether to spend nearly $300 on another year of support, or take my chances and put the money towards getting a new laptop when this one eventually dies…

Ernest N. WIlcox Jr. says:

I agree – Vista is a pita!

I vote for the latter choice (put the money toward a new laptop when this one dies) because you may well want an upgrade before this one passes on

Good for you on the post-it and getting the laptop back fast :)

As for the 300$, it all depends on what that is in % of laptop price, if it’s near 50%, then keep the money and put it towards the next machine, if it’s neerer 25% then your a lot more likly to get your money’s worth in support :)


Bugsbane says:

You’re in TO? Wow! I just found out I have a KDE celebrity in my own back yard! :D

Chani says:

no, my *laptop* was in toronto. :) I’m in vancouver.

JavierBere says:

To be honest, $300 seems like a lot of money. 2 years ao my mom paid around $380 for a laptop with decent specs. Dual core 2.1Ghz Intel cpu, 2 gigs of ram, dvd burner, HD Intel Audio, and graphics by Intel as well.
I booted it up with a Chakra live cd and everything worked out of the box, including wireless and the webcam.

Jeffery says:

That’s awesome! When it does die, I’ll give you $5 for it to scrap for parts ;)

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