{July 30, 2009}   gsoc week 10

whee! thursday evening and I’m done for the week. I made the desktop menu configurable, so that most standard plasma actions could be chosen. this means that I can check off the zoom actions, and have my preferred way of zooming back again. :)

tomorrow I’ll do some cleanup of various little things – need to get the API in better shape so it can go into trunk. after that I’m going to have a busy weekend (parties, fireworks and chores) and probably won’t be online much (yet somehow I always end up in irc despite saying that ;)

[update: I got *all* my cleanup tasks done on friday! yay! now the code’s up on reviewboard.]

Nice! :)
This is a way more convenient way to zoom in and out.

I really want the cashew thingy and dashboard to die already.

dukat says:

If I see such shortcuts, I wish KDE would have some consitent HIG. Pull in a an Alt-D with Char, another Alt+D with Alt-Char, mix in some CTRL shortcuts and you have complete chaos. Well, at least it’s configurable…

Chani says:

actually it’s chaos *because* it’s configurble. :) those aren’t all defaults, I was playing with it at some point.

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