{August 8, 2009}   gsoc week 11: two new plugins

This week I created two plugins: a window list and an application list.

The window list, well, shows a list of windows. :) I added config so you can show only the current desktop’s, or show them in submenus if you tend to have a lot of windows. (although perhaps that should happen automagically?)
Since there was already a tasks engine for getting info on windows, it was pretty easy to write the plugin. :) I just had to add a feature and fix a couple of bugs, and the engine did nearly all the work. :)

For the application list… well, it turns out that none of the people writing launchers had actually written a nice generic app engine. :P So I wrote it. that actually wasn’t much work either; I based it on the tasks engine, and it gives info on all apps, with a service to launch them. No favourites or recent docs – but feel free to add that to the engine when gsoc ends (that’s in one week! eep!) :)

That’s it for plugins from me… at least for now. I’m going to spend next week fixing up and polishing things, then gsoc will be over, and I have a few other things I’d like to do before school starts.

There are two plugins I’d originally planned to do that aren’t in here: a zoom plugin, which is on hold while we reinvent the whole ZUI thing, and a quicklaunch plugin, which I would have done this week if I’d had a kmenu plugin to build on already (that was the week I had to send the laptop away). Making a quicklaunch plugin could be done by just adding config to the app list plugin so that the user can pick just some apps or menus to show; not too much work, so if someone’s interested, come see me when I’ve got this code in trunk. :)

anon says:

Having read “window list” and “application list” I somehow expected a list of running applications with their windows as subgroups or something. Actually that would be a great idea when something like that allows complete applications to minimize/restore and move to different desktop at once (think GIMP).

I guess I digressed… Good work!

Redsteakraw says:

Great job now kde can act just like blackbox/fluxbox. I was looking foward to this since I heard about your GSoC project. keep up the good work! :-)

Jonas says:

All I’m saying: I can’t wait for this to be a part of a stable release!

LXj says:

Great, I was missing these features from KDE 3! I used to invoke the window list with right-click on desktop and application menu with middle-click

On the other hand, these days I prefer Lancelot to “vanilla” application menu. Will it be possible in KDE 4.4 to show Lancelot by middle-clicking on desktop?

Chani says:

you could write a plugin to do so… :)

S says:

Hello! Nice to see the KDE3/openbox like window list. Thank you for your work/effort. I will stick to Openbox until the applist comes in.

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