{August 17, 2009}   gsoc wrapup

Well, today is the official end of gsoc. Conveniently it’s also the day I merged my code into svn. I’m still working on some behind-the-scenes cleanup, but it feels good to have the code actually in trunk. :) And now other people get to test it out easily, yay!

I haven’t written any particularly interesting code this week; just doing code review with Aaron, getting it ready to go into svn. And now it’s in. :) Other than that I’ve been enjoying the parties and sunshine. And thunderstorms… vancouver’s got the seasons on shuffle right now ;)

Another summer, another project complete… :) A plugin API, a config UI, and six plugins. yay!

so, if you’re running trunk, go play with it! :) the config page is in the Desktop Settings dialog.

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