{August 30, 2009}   tokamak 3

so, thursday morning I got on a plane again and headed off to switzerland. I met ivan in frankfurt airport, and friday afternoon we arrived at tokamak safe and sound. :) it’s so nice when travel goes so smoothly.

I spent a good portion of the train ride staring out the window… switzerland is quite beautiful. mountains, ravines, waterfalls… the place we’re staying at is in a little valley, tall snow-capped mountains on either side. there’s a little pond behind the house, with frogs, and flowers all over the place. At night, it’s so dark you can see the milky way. :)

we had no trouble finding the house, because there was a giant stuffed konqui sitting outside. :) most of the gang was already there hacking and getting their internet fix.

Saturday morning(ish), tokamak officially began. We had introductions (at least four newbies here!), presentations, and a bit of planning. We’ve got a *lot* of cool stuff going into plasma for 4.4 :)

Saturday evening was our social event… we went out to the nearest town and had lots of fun, then came back and stared at the stars for a while… some of the guys attempted to make bread, too (we’ve been making our own bread here). it doesn’t work so well while drunk. ;)

Now it’s sunday morning. Despite being up very late, I still woke up early this morning, and went for a little walk. The mountains are so high that I couldn’t see the sun until about 9:30, so it was a little chilly. :) but still breathtaking. the scenery here is truly inspiring.

anyways, we’re doing our last few presentations now, and after that we’ll have the rest of the week to hack together. :) :) this is gonna be awesome.

drf says:


notmart says:

let’s call it alcoholically challenged? :p

Riccardo Iaconelli says:

yes you were!

Riccardo Iaconelli says:

(ok, we all were a little bit…)

David says:

Aiming for the Ballmer peak?

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