{September 2, 2009}   tokamak continued

so it’s wednesday now, and tokamak continues to be awesome. all of the gsoc students that came here, and all but one of plasma’s gsoc students overall, have merged their code into trunk. we have remote widgets, a new applet browser, and more… then there’s netbook stuff, and web stuff, and we’ve been talking about the future of virtual desktops and the ZUI, and playing with the Mystery Device (whisky + wine -> making plasma look like gnome), and… I’ve already forgotten a lot of things, I’m sure :)

personally, I’ve been working on a bunch of little things: getting folderview to play nice with my mouse plugins, trying to make activity removal work better, chasing obscure bugs that popped up in the middle of that, making little fixes here and there (plasmoidviewer can be run with just a containment now, no applet – I got sick of having a clock in the way of my testing)… yesterday I returned to my javascript plasmoid, and I’ve got half a blog post about that, but right now my mind keeps wandering off to Overview ideas, which we’ll be discussing again tomorrow.

Randa is a really beautiful place, too. even when it rains. :) on monday we went out for a walk and ended up building a dam (exercise! team building! oh my!). Then we watched it get washed away by water released from a *real* dam somewhere upstream. :) the weirdest thing I’ve seen so far, though, is a moth that’s been hanging around the flowers outside, behaving just like a tiny hummingbird. I thought it *was* a hummingbird, but it has antennae. Davide was trying to get photos of it, but I’m not sure whether any turned out well… darn thing never stopped moving. it was fearless, though, buzzing around our heads.

anyways, time for another walk. adventure awaits! and then more hacking when we return…

ervin says:

Something like that:
(sorry it’s the best shot I could make, those buggers are really fast).

I see one or two quite regularly around here. Not exactly sure what they are though.

They never stop flapping their wings even when they land.

marcel says:

I think you have seen a Hummingbird Hawk-moth:

I’ve seen a few of those here in Zurich as well, but mostly in the hot summers of 2003 and 2005.

john says:

what about the orgies?

Cyril says:

“making plasma look like gnome”

Why should you buy a Mini and refactor it in order to look like a Lada Nova? ;-)

illissius says:

It’s pretty fascinating that hummingbirds and this hummingbird hawk-moth have evolved to be so similar while having such radically different internal workings.

yman says:

“making plasma look like gnome”
Screenshots? Please?

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