{September 5, 2009}   and that was tokamak 3

wow, the week just flew by. it’s saturday night now, and I’m in zurich, checking email n’stuff. early tomorrow morning I’ll head to the airport.

it’s been a really awesome week. lots of hacking and hiking and very little sleep. it was wonderful to see the plasma family again. I miss you guys already. but I feel like I want a vacation to recover :P

no vacations for me, though. school starts tuesday and I’ve already got reading assigned. I’m in this cool new course where we’re going to be working on projects with students from other universities… here’s the blog for the course. it should be a lot of fun. :) but… the downside is it might be very busy, too, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for KDE this semester. we’ll see. after everything that’s happened at tokamak I really want to make *some* time to keep hacking. :)

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