{September 26, 2009}   ucosp sprint

it’s day two of the ucosp sprint. thursday night I arrived in toronto, tired and coughing… and found karaoke in the hotel bar. grrrr… I *finally* find karaoke, and it’s on a night when I can barely speak. but I met up with some of the other students, and we headed to another bar where the law students were having a party. :) much beer was consumed… and when I wandered back to the hotel with a couple of other students we found the karaoke still going. so we went in there and got to sing the last song. :) I feel sorry for the few people still there listening ;)

friday morning I somehow dragged myself out of bed on time, met the rest of the students, and we headed to the university. there I finally got to meet my team in person. yay! :) we’re doing the robocup 2d simulation… there are a few clients from hte summer that we have the code for, and we had to pick one of them to build on. so we spent time reading stuff and trying to get stuff running, and debated the pros and cons of java vs. python. eventually we decided to extend one of the python clients; it’s got most of the boring details done, but the players are still pretty stupid so there’s lots for us to do. the java project was already so good we weren’t quite sure how we could improve it (and had run out of time to look for things, really).

once we’d settled on a codebase we started poking at that code specifically, trying to get it running on all our computers, coming up with things to improve, fighting with strange network errors… I spent a good chunk of my afternoon replacing the pile of simple bash scripts that started teams with a single more intelligent bash script.

friday evening some student union had organized a party for us at a nearby pub :) free beer FTW. I left early to get caught up on sleep but somehow the interwebs distracted me instead. ;)

saturday morning.. urgh. well, it’s a code sprint, I don’t expect much sleep. the cough and cold are annoying, though. I wandered in late, which turned out to be not so great as my team had started their meeting. oops. :) we came out of that with a list of seven tasks we’re going to do over the semester (and get marked on). I spent most of the rest of the day working with iona on getting the debug output of the clients in a more useful format (one curses thingy per process doesn’t work so well when you start 6+ processes out of a script; we’ve got a PyQt ui started instead).

this afternoon we also had a talk from greg about grad school. I’m not hugely interested, but it was an informative talk. :) most of what I remember is his little speech at the end… undergrad is about learning to learn, grad school is about learning what questions to ask, but what university is really about is teaching us to take over the world. :)

now it’s dinnertime, and I should head out to the group dinner.

Hub says:

In Toronto, I could have given you an address for Karaoke :-)

Chani says:

err… that wouldn’t have mattered. firstly I can’t sing right now – i can barely talk. secondly I found karaoke without even trying.

Hi, I googled “robocup” and found your blog. I’m one of the WrightEagles and working on robocup 2d simulation too. The only team which picks a higher level of programming language is Dainamite as I know. They are using Java to build their team. And because of the loss on performance, they have to do much fewer computing than most teams, which is a disadvantage. I’m curious to know if there are any advantages you can take from pure python code. My team and I are looking for a way to enable “plugin” function to cope with the rapid changing of rcssserver. Is mixing c++ and python possible?

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