{September 28, 2009}   ucosp sprint, part 2

Well, saturday night was fun. :) We all went out to a chinese restaurant and had lots of yummy food. Then some of us went back to the hotel and played cards for a while. I learnt a new game, but I have no idea how to spell it. :)

Sunday was the last day – checked out of the hotel, did a little hacking, and we had a post-mortem meeting with all the students. I got lost in my laptop after that, plus my mind was not liking the lack of sleep, so I never got around to having lunch… oops. :) There was pizza at the airport, at least. Our group divided up again, into two groups – for the rest of the semester we’ll be working on different features for the robocup client, competing to see which improvements are more helpful, then merging them into trunk (oh god I wish we were using git now instead of svn).

four of us were on the same flight back to vancouver, so we got seats all in a row, which was nice. :) mostly we just wanted sleep, though. god it was nice to get home and sleep in… I didn’t go to any classes today, I need to recover. :)

HollyB says:

Eucre is the game we learned. Apparently it originated in the US, so they have no excuse for the random spelling!

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