{November 1, 2009}   Qt DevDays SF: the pre-devdays sprint

I’m down in San Francisco this week for Qt Developer Days. It actually hasn’t started yet, though; this weekend blauzahl and des organized an informal kde sprint. Gary joined us too, and Knut was kind enough to let us use the Nokia offices. :)

I arrived saturday… afternoon. eventually. :) the flight was delayed due to fog, and delayed again; I’m lucky I didn’t have a connecting flight. There was one bonus; the flight was circling over the fog just long enough for my movie to finish. ;)

Despite the fog trouble at the airport, SF is quite warm and sunny. :) It’s weird, but nice; Vancouver’s been having normal autumn rain so I haven’t seen much sun for a while.

At the nokia offices, Knut gave us a bit of a lecture on how to organize a sprint, and greeneg talked about where KDE needs to improve for enterprise users. Then we had lunch at 4pm (yes. lunch.) and chatted. We came up with a bit of an agenda for sunday. I don’t remember much after that, just that I was on my computer and very *very* tired. :) I do remember that knut’s n900 is very very shiny.

Eventually, rather late, we pulled ourselves away from the laptops and went out for dinner. Me, blauzahl and des wanted to go out for halloween next… but we hadn’t had much luck finding somewhere to *go*… I got dressed up in my costume (but I’d left my homemade mask at home! waah :( I ended up using a cheap dollar-store mask instead) and we drove around looking for a bar… well, we did find one, but by the time that happened it was so late (probably 1am) and we were so very tired… so we changed our minds and headed home. We took the scenic route back, though, and saw plenty of fun costumes. :)

Sunday we went out to the day of the dead festival (sorry, forgot my camera *again*). After lunch we headed to the nokia office. Me and greeneg worked on techbase’s git documentation. There’s only a little new material so far, but there’s a framework sketched out. Feel free to help us fill it in. :)
After that, blauzahl went through some questions about the new activity stuff (I understand what I mean a lot better after trying to explain it to her) and asked us questions about konqueror use.

Now it’s dinnertime again. We don’t get to use the office on monday, so we’ll probably hang out at the hotel then. :)

illissius says:

SF is awesome like that. No real winter or summer, just decent weather all year round.

Des says:

Didn’t have much of a chance to say goodbye on BART this morning, but it was great seeing you again this weekend. Hope you have a good DevDays!

This seemed like the easiest way to actually remember to give you contact info for me, since I’m already out of cards :)

(I suppose the other answer is “put my name in quotes on Google”, but that also digs up some horribly ancient stuff…)

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