{November 4, 2009}   Qt DevDays SF

wow. it’s been a long few days. and suddenly they’re over.

devdays was great. :) I arrived on monday for the education track – nokia needs more qt developers, so it wants schools to use qt more. :) there were several discussions about available resources, upcoming resources and how people have been using qt in schools so far. I was surprised to find one of my former teachers here from BCIT – plus jeff’s teacher from SFU, and someone from UBC too. :)

We weren’t even the only Vancouverites here – later on I was introduced to some others, plus someone from Victoria. :) it’s a small world indeed. and of course there were friendly trolls here. :) it’s always nice to see familiar faces and make new friends.

tuesday and wednesday went by in a bit of a blur. the network wasn’t giving out IPs most of the time, so we weren’t online much. There were presentations, there was yummy food, a quiz thing during tuesday’s dinner where gary and alex both won n900’s… wednesday there were more prizes, and alex won *another* one. :)

In one of the presentations today, the Qt4 Dance song was played… I tried to get people singing (*cough*alexis*cough*), but they’re no fun ;P

I met lots of people here; some are interested in using kde stuff on devices, some are *already* using kde stuff, some are looking for interns and/or hiring… some are just generally cool ;)

oh, and Froglogic and ICS are especially cool; thanks to them (and alex) I’m sleeping in a hotel and not on the street. ;)

Tomorrow morning I head back to the airport; back home I have homework and a midterm and people’s birthdays. seems like another world sometimes… a world where I get a lot more sleep ;)

The weirder part is… at this point I seriously think that either I have been having a three-day-long episode of déjà vu, or we’ve actually met in *person* before… either that, or that you remind me very strongly of, er, someone… damned if I can figure out where we might have met, though. Unless you’ve been in the Bay Area before and we have friends in common…?

I did realize that I came across your blog when I was trying to get that X30 set up with KDE4, because Plasma was acting very strangely and I was searching online to see if it was a known problem :)

annma says:

What for exactly does Nokia want Qt be more present in schools? For developing? I am somewhat surprised by this “educational fever” they suddenly have…

Ian Monroe says:

Same reason any company wants to be in schools: so that the next generation leaves the school knowing their product. :)

C++ is kind of scary for a beginning language I have to say. I don’t disagree with my schools decision to use Ada. :) But it would’ve been great if they had introduced Qt/C++ in some of the later classes, we could’ve written much more fun programs. Instead we had STL/C++ and Swing/Java. :/

Sucks that no one did the Qt4 Dance! That song demands to be danced to.

illissius says:

annma: Presumably so students have more exposure to Qt and their view of the world isn’t limited to just .NET and Java? Which means more people who can / want to develop with Qt for Nokia’s phones. I assume.

We do, in fact, have part of a course on Qt here (yay), and a few friends have gained quite positive impressions of it as a result.

Albert Astals Cid says:

annma, when they say schools they don’t mean schools for children but universities and places where people is taught to program

It was nice meeting you.

It happens I am going to be in Vancouver in late November with Linda (SFU grad). I’d love to take you both out for dinner/drinks one of the nights we are there, so please drop me an e-mail with your contact info and I’ll give you a ring when I am in town.

Hi from Victoria,


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