{November 20, 2009}   me too me too

Yep, I’m a Nokia Certified Qt Developer too.

Also, I'm going to CampKDE :)

Life’s been crazy busy for me as well these days. last time I blogged was the end of devdays, right? well, the day after I got home I had a midterm. still managed to get an above average mark despite having ignored half the material. ;) then there were assignments, and projects, and all sorts of meetings… I also seem to have got myself volunteered for my friend’s school project. they let me borrow an n900 to help out; how could I resist? ;) Then there were the people from devdays aaron mentioned, and I’m trying to do one more redesign of my mouse plugin UI before feature freeze, and there are other plasma things I’m praying I can sneak in under that deadline (let’s not jinx it by saying what they are ;) – and on top of all *that*, I’m starting something at school as well… oh yeah, and my social life finally seems to have returned to the level it was at before I went off to china. :)

Still, there are only two weeks of classes left. soon, soon I will have a break. :) a few weeks of relaxing and bugfixing (I need my plasma fix!), then back to school for what will likely be an even crazier semester. I’ll be taking four courses instead of three, one will be a Writing course (with a capital W!), there’s campkde and tokamak (assuming no conflicts with midterms), and several other things to keep me busy. I need to get back to my german practice, too; I’ve been letting that slide for most of this semester.

I think I’m pushing the limits of how much I can do without burning out. It’s fun. :)

Give me a holler if you still wanted to talk about my thoughts on the event propagation issues – I don’t remember what all they were but I remember thinking that whatever-it-is would be an easier way to solve whatever-it-was.

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