{December 3, 2009}   stress

It seems tensions are high lately. I’m seeing several people (including myself) who seem to not be their normal friendly selves. :( Stress sucks.

KDE is a great community, so it’s easier to notice when things aren’t completely perfect. I’m not good at these social things though, so… how can we make it better?

A few ideas:
-if you’re stressed out, save that email as a draft and read it again in the morning.
-think twice before speaking on irc, too. (I’ve been kinda grouchy there lately… sorry guys.)
-remember that the person you’re talking to might be stressed out too, and think about how their feelings might be affecting how they interpret what you say.
-slow down. haste leads to mistakes which leads to taking more time than if you’d gone slower. :P
-remind yourself and others of all the awesome things that are going well :)
-if you’re *not* crazy busy, see if you can reduce someone’s workload – I hear CampKDE needs volunteers :)

…easier said than done for a lot of those, of course; I’m trying to remind myself of them and keep my head as deadlines rush in…

also: *hugs!!* :) KDE is awesome, you guys rock, and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone (or as many as can make it) again at CampKDE.

Maki says:

I think that the best cure is, when you are stressed out, just do something relaxing until you are not stressed out :D

illissius says:

“KDE is awesome, you guys rock, and…”

don’t be redundant, KDE is people, remember? :)

freedomsoftware says:

*hugs* :)

blauzahl says:

@Maki: The problem is, that “do something else” could equal “stop doing KDE work”. For the most part we’re all volunteers here. If something isn’t fun, or doesn’t give some other kind of reward, there isn’t any point to doing it.

I *hate* watching other people be unhappy (especially if I care about them). It’s much easier to just quit. And so you silently lose people.

What Chani lists isn’t exhaustive or even necessarily what I would pick.

We can always use more people, and some areas are spread quite thin.

There are some people I wonder how long till they burn out, or find some other excuse to do something else. Perhaps not consciously. But I can already look at some people we seem to have lost, and it makes me sad because it didn’t have to happen. I suppose they’re happier though.

@blauzahl I don’t think Maki meant to leave forever. And I agree that doing something else is a good way to relax and then start working again. It does not have to be long, what I like to do when I am too tired or annoyed (especially after a long day on the computer) is go out for an hour or two, biking or walking (preferably in a natural or calm environment), then you come back home and everything is better, productivity wise and fun wise.

blauzahl says:


Maki may not have meant it that way. But I did.

singala says:

Don’t get impatient with yourself. follow these rules: 1. listen, 2. translate to your way of thinking 3. if you have problem still request information in a different way. 4. Try to take a technical view

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