{December 15, 2009}   KDE and git

Between all the bikeshedding and confusion, there is actually work getting done on our git migration. ;) The list of tasks is slowly progressing – we have keywords like CCMAIL and BUG: working now, thanks to morice. :) yay!

Konversation has been chomping at the bit, and now they’ve jumped over to git too – with two projects hopefully we’ll flush out any issues amarok may have missed, and they’re enthusiastic about getting the git tasks done too. :)

Still, there’s a lot of work to be done. Some of the blockers listed on that page don’t have enough people working on them – one doesn’t have anyone at all. If you’ve got some time over the winter break, come help us! :) We have meetings in #kde-git every wednesday at 10am PST, which is 18:00 UTC.

If you can help out with documentation, tomorrow is a really good time to join us. After tomorrow’s meeting I’ll be returning to the techbase git tutorials and whipping that page into shape – hopefully not all by myself. :) It’s got a bunch of general outlines to be filled in, and in some cases links to content that just needs to be copied and reworded a bit (amarok’s got their own nice git tutorial that I’d like to see used for something more generic), so whether you’re a git master or a newbie there’s still ways you can help. :)

tazz says:

I just finished some documentation, so I might be able to help.


I made the switch to git-svn for my kdegames work just some weeks ago. I used my experience to expand the git-svn tutorial on Techbase.

As I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to Git (and esp. git-svn), could you please check that tutorial from a technical POV, and give me some feedback on whether I got git right?


Chani says:

umm. you seem to have removed the warning about the svn revision having to exist in the code you’re checking out (if revision 1000000 was a commit to kdeedu and you’re checking out kdegames, gitsvn will be stupid and fail). I’ll read the rest when I get time… but… please go back and check if there are any other important details you deleted :)

Chani says:

oh, and you don’t need to git svn rebase before dcommit, but that’s because dcommit does it for you (which is not always a nice thing).

I deleted that because it does not coincide with my experience. I checked out kdegames r1000000 and it worked just fine. Might it be that my Git is “too new” (version here)?

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