{January 10, 2010}   school again

My, how time flies – I’m already a week into the new school semester. I had a really nice holiday (an *actual* one, where I actually *realaxed* for once ;) and the pace is picking up again now…

At the beginning of the holidays I was planning to work on git documentation; that didn’t really work out. I realised it felt like homework, and KDE isn’t supposed to be a chore, so I needed a break. Over the holidays I spent most of my time reading books and seeing friends. :) I did return to kde eventually, of course; I worked on a little feature I’d been dying to implement, then unbroke the poor neglected plasma-overlay stuff. I’ve still got a handful of little things to do before 4.4 is released – hopefully I can do them at CampKDE, because school’s getting busy already. :)

I’ve got four courses this semester, which is one more than usual… and there’s going to be a *lot* of writing. in fact, my first essay is due in 14 hours (how to tell who your real friends are: ask them to review your essay for you ;). That’s for my cognitive science class, which looks like it’s going to be really interesting (and full of essays). Then I’ve got a technical writing course that I think will be really easy – if I’d known it would be like this I would’ve found a way to get it waived. My algorithms course might be interesting, though – I’m still not sure what I think of the teacher. Unfortunately the course I expected to be most interesting – a linguistics one, “the science of speech” – has been fairly dry so far. Still, at least I don’t have any *bad* teachers :)

The tricky bit is going to be not falling behind while I’m off at campkde. (omg! less than a week away! and I’m giving a presentation!?) I always *mean* to work ahead beforehand but somehow it never happens. :) I haven’t figured out which courses I can safely ignore yet, either, and it seems I have several teachers that do activities in lectures instead of just talking. Still, it’ll work out somehow. :) And then when I get back, I’ll have my evenings busy with martial arts and things…

Tokamak will be happening in february, too; I get a two-week vacation because of the olympics and the second week I’ll be out in Nuremberg with the rest of the plasma team :) I’m hoping to work on Activity stuff out there, as well as finding solutions to some little things that have been bugging me. And having a ton of fun, of course. :)

I have a feeling this semester is going to fly by faster than ever… It’ll be fun, and challenging, and oh god I’m going to need another vacation when it’s over ;)

jospoortvliet says:

gosh, a holiday, one with just relaxation… Can’t remember when I had that the last time ;-)

jordoex says:

Yeah, cmpt 376 is pretty easy… i took it last spring with kirkpatrick… at least i think that’s what i think i remember his name is.
and cogs is pretty sweet too, (cogs 100, right?) took that last spring too.
Have fun!

Chani says:

yes, and yes :) I’ve got kirkpatrik too.

and now I guess he’s reading my blog… *waves*

armijn says:


Yaniv says:

So you’re in 376! Elementary. I was wondering how you ended up among the 6 viewers on my blog. Great name. Duneish and an anagram for China. Clever.
Good luck with all the extra-curricular stuff. Best I can extra-curriculate nowadays is a morning swim.

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