{January 17, 2010}   campkde day 2

another day of talks and dragon photos. :) this time we actually had both dragons. the talks were good, but my mind’s rather blank at the moment as I just finished my own talk. it seemed to go pretty well; I wasn’t sure I was explaining things coherently but there were lots of good questions at the end so it can’t have been too bad. ;)

the number of questions in general has been quite high here, actually. it contributes to our being behind schedule, but it’s really nice; people are listening and thinking and getting a lot out of the presentations (not just sitting in the back hacking ;)

between frank’s and my presentation, my thoughts are on the future of kde…. but there are still bugs in 4.4, so I’ll try and bring my attention back to the present later this week. :)

Tom says:

Can you put your slides online?

I am really interested in the new activities.


Chani says:

the slides were one-two words each, so they’re not much use… *most* of what I said is on

Chani says:

oh, and the videos will be online eventually :)

Chani says:

better late than never: the video

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