{January 20, 2010}   campkde – qt training day

huzzah! training day today.

technical difficulties continue: when we got back to the hostel last night, another section had lost power, including my room. blarg. we were all tired though, so after a halfhearted attempt to put on a movie we just went to bed. in the morning, we arrived at UCSD… only to find none of us had the key (it was with jeff, who was waiting for someone else at the hostel). luckily there’s some lady upstairs with keys, though.
oh, and since last night identica won’t let me post anything. I get error 400 every time and I can’t figure out why. :/

Anyways, we’re doing qt training right now. model-view and events and threads, oh my! ;) I’ve learnt lots of interesting things already. One pattern we commonly use in KDE is actually not ideal in qt4: using a singleshot timer with timeout 0 to do delayed stuff. Using QMetaObject::invokeMethod with a queued connection does the same thing, and can even take arguments. :)

We had some lovely sunshine this morning, but the storm’s back now… Troy claims he’s going into the ocean tonight regardless. What is it with kde developers and cold bodies of water? ;)

Leo S says:

Interesting note about invokeMethod. I use the QTimer trick a lot. However I don’t really see the advantage of using invokeMethod when you don’t need arguments (which I normally don’t). Is there any point to using invokeMethod other than argument support? It’s longer to type :)

abhinandh says:

Is it possible for the less fortunate like us to get the camp kde videos. the talks and the training stuff?

blauzahl says:


The talks were videotaped and should be posted in not too long.

The training was the same as you would get from a paid seminar, so they couldn’t really post that.

abhinandh says:

Oh, will wait for the upload then. and is there some place I can get the Qt training videos atleast for a fee? cos I can’t find any Qt training centers back where I live :(

jryannel says:

Videos from DevDays 2009 where posted at: There are also some training videos included. Enjoy

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