{January 21, 2010}   campkde – qt embedded training

so last night went well; after the qt training we stayed at the uni. it’s still stormy out there, and apparently we missed a flash flood. I got several bugs fixed and backported (screensaver stuff again), so I’m happy. :)

anyways, wednesday was the normal qt training; today is embedded training. not embedded like the n900, but embedded as in framebuffers and really tiny devices. we all got livecds with the embedded environment, and spent some time getting that set up (several people don’t have cd drives, others want to run it in a vm, etc…). Then we got to actually run an app in the virtual framebuffer and make a hello-world app (without instructions… but it was basically just a new qt app + the embedded project settings).

after lunch the training continued… and… holy crap it’s 7pm. where’d the time go?
and it’s the last day, too…. :(

we’re off to a restaurant for dinner now (at least I think we are; it’s been fast food all week). most people are leaving tomorrow; I’m leaving saturday. it’s been a great week, despite the hostel and the weather… I wish it wasn’t ending already.

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