{January 23, 2010}   post-campkde

it’s hard to believe it’s over already…
Thursday evening, everyone who was left had a proper dinner together in an actual restaurant. :) It took them a while to make a table long enough for us. Oh, and wade was there – I forgot to mention he made a surprise appearance wednesday evening. :)
Friday most people were gone – but me, jos and frank were still around. We discussed kde and the cloud and things over a delicious lunch (there’s a little place called.. Rick’s? Just one block from the hostel) and (eventually) made our way downtown for some shopping. :) i didn’t really mean to buy anything, but I found a few nice things that were on sale.
That evening we ate at Rick’s again, and james joined us, and we ran into little william and his family :) jos and frank had fun learning to eat crab legs; I’m sure there are photos somewhere.
Back at the hostel the power was back on downstairs, but off again upstairs. We talked to the staff, and soon we had power everywhere. I fixed the toilet in my dorm, too. :)

Saturday morning it was just me and jos – and the sun! :) Of course the weather’s beautiful the day I have to leave. :P It’s sunny and warm and wonderful. And here I am, sitting on a plane, about to fly back to canada. *Sigh* well, it’s been a great conference. I’m really looking forward to the next one (tokamak – in just one month! :)

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