{February 1, 2010}   busy bees

There’s lots of activity in #plasma the last few days. lots going on. :) With 4.4 being tagged on wednesday, that’s not too surprising… but it’s still nice to see everyone working to get this release as stable as we can in the little time we have left.

Although I haven’t quite caught up on my homework since campkde, I’ve still been chipping away at things where I can. There’s more screensaver fixes, and a panel bugfix too. I’ll go back to panicking about homework on wednesday. ;)

Thanks to rrix, practically all the widgets in kdeplasma-addons have had their security re-checked, and we’ll probably deal with kdebase tomorrow. :) hooray for security!

I’m already counting the days to tokamak, too. so close, and yet so far…

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