{February 11, 2010}   screencast!

So 4.4 is out, and I’ve done my first plasma screencast! :)
It’s just a little guide to the ways you can navigate activities in 4.4 without using the ZUI.

hrm. apparently embedded (non-youtube) video is a paid feature on wordpress…
but notmart has kindly uploaded it here.
there’s a link to the original ogg there, too. :)

Thanks! FYI, I really had to crank up my speakers to hear you.

Chani says:

weird, I could hear it just fine on my computer. I’ll make sure the mic volume is at maximum next time.

Tulli says:

Thanks for your screencast. But I don’t get it what’s the difference between a virtual desktop and an activity. I also think that this activity thing is much more confusing then a virtual desktop.

Maybe you can help me out on this one.

Highnz says:

First my english is not well but your wallpapers are so great
and your sreencast to
can you give me a link for the wallpapers please (-:

Chani says:

:) all the wallpapers are either part of kdebase 4.4, or available from GHNS (the “get new wallpapers…” button)

Michel says:

Wow, my Valentine’s Day card is in the post.

I’m still not convinced about activities. I can see the use of them, but I rarely really even use more than one workspace/virtual desktop. I’m worried about privacy/security issues. How persistent are the activities through various sessions? Are the settings for duplicate plasmoids the same for different activities? It’s a tough problem.

I think somehow activities and workspaces have to merge.

notmart says:

> I’m worried about privacy/security issues. How persistent are the activities through various sessions?

How persistent are all the files and documents you’re working on your computer?

Aaron Seigo says:

Activities and virtual desktops have nothing to do with each other.

Virtual desktops are groupings of windows.

Activities are sets of tools to use for a given workflow and/or context.

You can make it so that there is a different activity on each virtual desktop, but that’s as close as it gets.

Going forward, activities will form part of the desktop context that will allow applications to automatically conform to what you are doing.

FiNeX says:

In the past a good description (IMHO) of activities was given by someone: «you should think activities like rooms: one for eat, one for relax, one for work… each room has its features»

…well, “someone” it was me :-)

elBarto says:

first: what a beautiful voice ;)

second: at 24s, what kind of panel are you using?, a normal panel with some plasmoid?

Chani says:

all three of my panels are just regular autohide. the one on the right has the Activity Bar, some sekrit buttons that don’t exist ;) and the Show Dashboard widget.

bbigras says:

nice screencast, I didn’t know we had all this cool new stuff.

Fri13 says:

Yo… you… You killed a Activity! You “!#”#¤%! ;D

I need to wait that activities support different setup and theme until I am really happy. Now they are “just” great but just dreaming about having a custom plasma themes for every activity… and different panels on every one of them. *drooling*

Jernej says:

look at Eclipse [java IDE]. They don’t use the therm “activity” but “perspective”. Developing an web shop you will use a database perspective and a web perspective. The same code base but the IDE presents on the GUI easy access to different tools. You can mix any of them to make a new “perspective” ….

Activity allows you to set up an easy accessible set of tools/componets/short cuts for given tasks. browsing & mail[fire fox], office [mail, open office, skype …], project foo[eclipse, firefox] …

Tulli says:

I don’t know how it is with all the other people here that don’t really understand the whole activity buzz but I finally found a possible way of using activities:

I have one activity that is VERY basic (no plasmoids on top) which I use when ever I have to use my laptop monitor (1024×768).
If I connect my huge 1920×1080 Monitor to the laptop I use the second activity I setup (it has a few plasmoids on top.

I don’t think this was the intension of the programmers of how to use activities but it works for me. And right now I still can’t think of any other way of using them.

charly says:

Lot of laughs at the end :P

hups says:

What? Nice voice, but didn’t understand any of it, please speak a little louder next time…

Claes says:

The Eclipse comparision was pretty good. However I don’t understand what plasma provides that makes it similar to Eclipse otherwise. I like the idea.. but I can’t come up with features I would like activities / perspectives for. File management possibly.

Claes says:

Oh and I forgot one thing. The ZUI I don’t get at all.

Jamon says:

That’s a nice screencast. What desktop font was that? It was nice too.

Stefan says:

You sound younger than you are…

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