{February 20, 2010}   karlsruhe

so yesterday I was actually in germany already – but not in nuremberg. I was in karlsruhe, visiting sput and nightrose. :)

Sput met me at the airport in frankfurt – conveniently both his train and my plane were delayed equally, but inconveniently we just missed the train we wanted.. oh well, we just arrived a little later, and went directly to the pub to meet nightrose and.. someone whose name eludes me. We had a good time there – they closed at 11, but I was quite happy to go to bed because my body thought it was 2pm the next day. :P

On friday me, sput and nightrose ended up seeing an interesting exhibit full of weird interactive media/art exhibits. There were rooms with 3D glasses and flying blobs and matrix-like stuff, a green-screen area that showed bits of the past mixed with the present, a weird game where you had to keep walking in circles to follow your character… lots of cool stuff. :) and of course a collection of old computers and game systems. :)

I was only there for the one day, so I had to get on the train after that (and promptly fell asleep – whoops). it was fun, though. :)

Lydia says:

It was nice to have you here :)
And in case anyone is wondering what that strange exhibition was we took Chani to: ZKM.

Florian says:

Do you mean the couch setup, when you write about the green-screen area that showed bits of the past?

That was not actually the past. There are two almost identical couches in front of two green screens at the ZKM, and they are connected via a camera. What you see on the screen is a combination of the images of the two couches.

When I visited the museum, we thought the video is from the past, too, until we stumbled across the second couch.

We sat on that couch and saw ourselves and a group of children from the other couch, and had some fun with them because the obviously thought they were playing with some recorded videos. You should have seen their faces, when their parents suddenly appeared on the screen, but they weren’t standing behind them in reality…

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