{February 20, 2010}   tokamak 4 begins

I’m sitting in the suse office in nuremberg right now. It’s the first day of tokamak 4, we’ve done introductions, and now we’re in the middle of presentations. jetlag won last night, so I’m not really all here… but still, it’s great to be at tokamak again. :)

We’ve got 26 people in the room right now, which is a hell of a lot for a developer sprint (although lexically, it’s three sprints ;). I’m pretty sure some people still haven’t arrived, too! I made some cute little plasma buttons to give to people, and I’ve already given out every one. :/

Anyways, we have a nice hack space, lots of little devices to play with, and a large supply of t-shirts. :) Theoretically we’re going for lunch soon… ah! now, actually. :) yay! … aaany minute now, yes. really. :)

Lukas says:

T-Shirts… well that’s what I actually forgot to check at Tokamak :D too bad…

Have fun the next days…

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