{February 22, 2010}   tokamak continues

it’s monday morning already? wow. and it was saturday lunchtime last time I blogged…
already I can’t remember what I did on saturday, just that I felt quite productive in spite of the jetlag. sunday I was more of a zombie – but still, much was accomplished. :) There was an activity/context meeting with the nepomuk and kwin people in the morning, and we got a first draft of an API for accessing the simple stuff like “what activity am I on?”. I talked to kwin people about the hiding-unrelated windows bit too, and me and lubos went over the existing session spec (the one that lets you log out and back in and have your stuff reopen) and talked about which parts of it were useful and what other stuff we need to be able to do that for activities. :) Other stuff happened that day, but I was verrry verrry tired… I tried to take a nap twice, andthe second time I think I actually got a few minutes of sleep. :/

Oh, and sunday we checked in at the hostel, where we’ll be staying for the rest of tokamak. The building used to be the castle stables, apparently. It’s quite a nice place, apart from the floodlights lighting up the tower – and also our rooms. :P Still, I slept better last night, so I’m feeling a bit less zombified today. ;)

This morning we presented our activity/context API to the rest of tokamak, and had lot more good discussion, and then moved onto the UI stuff and figured out what that’s going to look like. :) We’ve got most of the tasks assigned to people, so I guess the next step is to get hacking. :) There’ll be more to discuss when we’ve got the basics functioning.

Time flew by, and then it was lunchtime, and there is a wonderful indian place down the street. :) I think I’m going to attempt a nap again before I figure out what I’m working on this afternoon.

J Janz says:

About ui, I’ve been thinking about and share it: since kwin is going to be aware about activities and, also, activities replace virtual desktops with advantage (they are sort of virtual desktops but with a purpose), why not *do* replace virtual desktops for activities and have pager plasmoid working as ui? It’d be showing/switching activities as does for virtual desktops and dinamicly add/remove entries as you go having new/dismissed activities.

That way, certainly according to what you guys plan, you could have plasmoids and windows for a ‘job’ activity in one entry at pager, the same for a ‘fun’ one and also the same for a ‘private’ one.

After all, isn’t for that we use virtual desktops? I don’t see a reason for having two stuff doing almos the same thing, specially when one does everything the other does plus more, right?

Well, just an idea I wanted to share for you guys to discuss at t4, if there’s still time for it.


Naproxeno says:

@J Janz: You should read the previous blog post. :)

Chani says:

and *this* is why I wrote my previous blog post.

read #4 and the second-to-last paragraph.

J Janz says:

Yeah … I’m really sorry … I totally missed it … =O

I’ll just wait for what you guys are cooking up (but I saw some comments trying to address issues you raised) and I thought #4 would be solved by kwin awareness of activities … If it does, possibly guess #1 – #3 are hackeable (but I’ll let that to people who knows how to — like those commenting at your previous post) as well as the spatial representation (for that I could cook up some ideas).

Well, anyway, sorry to bother.

Jo Øiongen says:

“Hiding unrelated windows” does this mean I can hope for activities with only dedicated windows/applications on them? :) That would be just awsome!

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