{February 24, 2010}   more on tokamak

the days are all blurring together… where did I leave off? monday lunchtime? I’m not sure what I was working on that afteroon – I just remember talking with lubos about sessions, but I know there was hours of other stuff. in the evening we had the open day (users! eek!) and got to show off plasma running on a whole spectrum of devices. :)

on tuesday morning, I spent some time untangling all the stuff that had been said about sessions, then spent the rest of the morning working on homework (ick). not much fun, but it has to be done sometimes. in the afternoon I switched to the fun stuff: actual code! the very beginnings of an activity management UI. it’ll be a while before there are screenshots, though, because I have to factor out some other code instead of writing it from scratch, and so I have to actually think about how to do things properly… ;)

I’ll probably keep working on that today, too. and then… tomorrow is our last day! waaah :( I don’t want it to be over…

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