{February 28, 2010}   post-tokamak

it’s over? already?
damn, time flies when you’re having fun…

I spent the last days of tokamak working on the activity UI and homework (ok, so it wasn’t all fun – I’m not sure I really care whether I finish that homework now :P). I also ended up being a human tripod for a while. :) and had a short interview with HR – I’m considering doing an internship over there (unless I get a better offer… *cough*).

The last night, we went out to celebrate – and ohh, what a night. Karaoke and drinking and dancing and drinking… Tip: don’t make towers of shotglasses. they chip easily. >.<

…and oh god, what a hangover the next morning. Trust me, you don’t want to fly with a hangover. >.< I still felt hung over when I finally got home.

Oh, and think I might, maaaybe have figured out a way to do the activity-session stuff I want with the existing XSMP protocol. maaaybe. I need to look into it some more. :)

So all in all, a great week: lots of planning, a bit of hacking (damn you homework!) and a fun party at the end. I wish I could’ve cloned myself and joined in the mobile track too.

Ivan says:

Yep, you were *really* drunk :) Cheerio!

Peter says:

If you still remember everything after a party, you were doing something wrong ;-)

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