{March 4, 2010}   and life goes on

why is it that essays are so much easier to write after midnight? no wonder I’m still jetlagged…

I kinda got a little sidetracked this morning – after a long night of waking up regularly and having weird dreams (either suse or archlinux had to go out of business, because… *something*… had happened to a bunch of key people, and I was pretending to be a guy because bad things would happen if this evil lady who looked like my grandmother found out who I was) … well, eventually I decided it was morning and I was taking a sick day, and gave in to the lure of teh intarwebs. And found myself looking at an evil little heisenbug that’s been bothering me for a long time.

I started trying to untangle the panel code once again (plasma’s actually old enough to have some messy cobwebbed code now. huh) and fought with it, and eventually decided that the darn thing just had to be a kwin bug. since I’d spent all that time figuring out what the code actually did, I figured I might as well finish what I started, and cleaned it up a bunch. Then, near the end of that, I noticed the bug didn’t seem to be showing up any more; indeed, with over a dozen plasma restarts I still haven’t been able to trigger it. I haven’t a clue what part of the code cleanup might’ve fixed it (perhaps a combination of things). Of course, it’s still quite possible that it’s merely in hiding; I already closed and reopened the bug once before when it conveniently went away for one day after I attempted to fix it. :P

Somehow that bug took up my whole day… well, that and IRC and email… I made a few halfhearted attempts to get away from it, and I think I did do a *little* homework, but I was always drawn back in. :) By dinnertime it was working well enough that I finally convinced myself to switch to homework… and fell asleep on it. :P whoops. I’m lucky I woke up before the deadline!

…but I’m not so lucky I’m still awake. Somehow I found myself working on other homework, and it was going well so I didn’t want to stop. although now I’m just writing a blog post, so I really have no excuse. :/ bedtime!

I really must write about the activities stuff that was planned at tokamak, and I have more screencasts to do too – but right now I must sleep. and then do more homework when I wake up. the other essay is finally coming together…

Giuliano Vilela says:

Your dream sounds like a kick ass movie! :D

Fri13 says:

Vampires likes to live on night….

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