{March 24, 2010}   standing out in the crowd

Today is Ada Lovelace Day – celebrating the very first programmer, who also happened to be a woman. Appropriate, then, that last night while I was surfing the interwebs I stumbled on a blog called Infotropism – specifically one post, standing out in the crowd. It’s nearly a year old, but it was a good read nonetheless – and things don’t seem to have changed much in that year, anyways.

It seems like an interesting blog in general – a post on community management caught my eye. I wonder if KDE has written down any of our communal wisdom on managing our own community… it’s something I’ve always meant to look into when I’m less busy (as if that will ever happen ;)

Fri13 says:

It is sad that womens does not easily get attention about what they have done in science.

Like most important findings in astronomy has done by womens. But still we know only Galileo Galilei and so on.

Womens has done great things in mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and so on. We just do not hear about them. Is that because they does not fill to the class “nerd” as stereotype?

One of the rare movies about womens in science is the “Connect” movie (Jady Foster).

And it is nice to learn that it was a women who was first coder. I did not know that and I must say that I am not surprised.

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