{March 29, 2010}   an intel rant

oy. again I’m regretting buying a laptop full of intel hardware.

since I replaced the wifi card I’m not getting any kernel panics… and I gave up on compositing long ago… no, today it’s *sound* that’s let me down.

see, I have this lovely HD TV that my dad left. it’s got lots of different ports on it. no computer audio input… but it does have hdmi, and I noticed the PS3 was sending audio over that hdmi cable just fine.

so I plugged my laptop into the hdmi, and the video Just Worked – two separate screens, and plasma even sent one of my containments over to the tv screen. :) it’s the first time I’ve seen that on my own computer – I’m used to plugging in a projector and seeing a copy of my laptop screen.

anyways, I played around with this dual-monitor setup for a minute, then went to play the show I was planning to watch. and the sound came out my crappy, horrible, useless laptop speakers. I played with phonon, I played with kmix… nothing could get that sound to go to the tv.

a few days later I went and googled the issue. and tried some things. and googled some more. what I found is that the problem was solved for my laptop in 2008 – but only for nvidia and ati hardware. not for intel. I kept googling, but that appears to be the end of the story. two years later, nothing has changed. with intel hardware, when the laptop thinks it’s sending sound to hdmi, it’s just getting dropped into the bit bucket. :P

I even thought to try it in another distro… I got the new plasma-netbook reference thing, which is based on opensuse. with *that* I had no wifi or sound at *all*, and the multi-monitor support was all kinds of buggy (although compositing seemed to work fairly well). sigh. intel simply does not do audio over hdmi in linux.

goddamnit intel. it’s 2010. how hard can it be to do something all your competitors did two years ago?

update: some guy in #intel-gfx has it working on a different dell laptop in ubuntu and fedora. still doesn’t work on my laptop with a kubuntu livecd. guh. so i guess they’ve implemented it for some hardware but not all.

Which inputs /does/ the TV have, Chani? If I have an appropriate adapter, I may be able to lend/give you it when you’re around. But otherwise, yeah, Intel is surprisingly annoying sometimes, given their normally FOSS-friendly attitude. I’m glad the new wireless card is working better, anyway. :)

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