{April 3, 2010}   blog quotas

so I went and counted, and I seem to be behind on my blog quota. iirc I have to have written 22 posts this semester, and I’ve only got 18.

It’s funny, in some ways getting marks is a motivator for blogging – I have an excuse to post stuff when I’m not *quite* sure planetkde will find it interesting. At the same time, though, it’s demotivating – it turns writing into a job, a chore, *homework*. ugh.

funny how that can work. I’m always worried that the same thing could happen when I get a foss job – will I lose interest in the code when I’m being paid to write it? my gsoc projects are usually fun, but at the same time I tend to be close to burning out at the end, and slightly sick of the code.

Of course, part of the reason I haven’t hit my blog quota is that I’ve switched back to using my lj. I have lots of angsty things to write that shouldn’t be public. I can write pages and pages and pages about how unfair life is, but I won’t get marks for it because I’m not comfortable sharing that drivel with my teacher. And since I’m taking four bloody courses, and some are actually *challenging* for once, I don’t have much else to write about – part of the angst is from having no damn time to write code! :P

Hopefully that’ll change over easter, though; four whole days to stay home, hide away from the world, and Get Things Done. sadly most of those things are *still* homework, but I will have time for code (I *need* time for code). so I should have some fun shiny things to blog about by the end (maybe even wth screenshots). :)

in the meantime… I will inflict cooking posts on the planet again. muahahaha!
…assuming I can actually remember what delicious things I meant to blog. crud. I really need to start writing about good meals right away, before I forget how I did it…

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