{April 6, 2010}   progress!

huzzah! :)
it’s been an extra-long weekend for me – no school friday or monday, and I don’t have any tuesday classes. :) so I’ve been hacking and doing homework and studying like mad. there’s still a lot of school crap to do, but I’ve also found time for KDE, yay! :)

and now, I *finally* have something I can take a screenshot of.

yes, it’s not much… but it’s mine. :) it’s the very very beginning of an activity manager. it doesn’t actualy have any *activities* as such, but the day isn’t over yet. ;)

back to hacking now.

since it does resembler much with the widgets panel, why not merge both, with a nice vertical toolbar sideways, one for activitie management, other for widgets?

Chani says:

they’re sharing a lot of code underneath (that’s why they look similar :) but I don’t think it’s worth making a toolbar to switch back and forth.

cyberpaul says:

its beautiful….

Fri13 says:

And if that is possible to get open/closed with single mouse waving or mouse click it would be nice. And it should work without unlocking the plasma. That is very difficult for many to unlock the plasma and then do something. There is many problems with the current lock/unlock functionality what should be solved. Now it is forcing user to have desktop unlocked all the time if wanted to use widgets.

Is there plans to have a screenshots for activities so user can see right away what is what?

Chani says:

there’s plans to have something like screenshots; I have to play with that, see what looks best while still being fast.

it will be available while plasma’s locked… I’ll have to think about how convenient I can make it.

Eriol says:

Maybe having an option to lock/unlock “panel contents” separated from the “desktop & dashboard plasmoids” one would solve this.

As to the Activities manager, I’m amazed. Can’t wait. The KDE Workspace, which is great, is only getting better an more consistent!

Love you guys keep up the good work!

Looks promising! :-)

Will this manager work using a tabbed interface, like the one shown in this concept video?

I think the Tabs metaphor is the easiest way to understand what activities are and how they’re used.

Drake Justice says:



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