{May 20, 2010}   still alive

wow, whta has it been… two weeks since I blogged? two and a half…

life’s been busy. the end of that conference was fun, but it kinda burnt me out; I still plan to blog about the rest of it eventaually. since then, it’s been a mix of important RL stuff (yes, there do exist things more important than kde), racing to beat the feature freeze, and then racing to fix bugs in those features before the first beta is tagged. oh yeah, and there was a birthday in there somewhere too ;)

I’ve found some good restaurants in my area… enjoyed the sunshine.. watched crazy wind-storms outside my window… gotten horribly drunk.. had a great time without any alcohol… and other things.

and then there’s the code – feature freeze has a way of showign up at times that are reallly damn inconvenient to me personally, so I did something I really hate doing – committed code I knew was buggy and not very well-written, to meet the deadline. since then I’ve been fixing those bugs and cleaning up that code – with help from aaron and ivan and fredrikh and others. :)

I think it’ll be worth it, though – in trunk right now we have an activity manager for plasma, and some basic activity association code in kwin. it’s still got some rough edges, but it generally works, so I’m gonna do a screencast showing off the new features soon. :)

right now though… I’m not sure whether I’m more exhausted or starving… I think I’m gonna go crawl into bed :)

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