{June 30, 2010}   approaching akademy

whee, only two more nights before akademy begins! :)

I’m on my way to linkoping right now (somewhere near stockholm) – I got over my jetlag quite a while ago, though. Two weeks ago I set off for ireland, to spend some time with my sister, and one week ago I arrived in borne, for our little odf hackweek. :)

My visit to ireland didn’t quite go as planned, but it was fun nonetheless. After many hours of flights and buses, my sister picked me up in galway, and we got back to her house just in time to rush my nephew to the doctor. :/ he had a pretty bad allergic reaction to something, and scratched his cornea, so a large part of the weekend was spent keeping an eye on him and stopping him from rubbing his eyes. :/ Still, it was great to be there again. I brought good weather with me, and we mostly just hung around the house talking (and enduring *far* too much hi5). On saturday my cousin came down to visit us – her boss is mean so she had to go back that evening, but we had a good time while she was there – she’s a teenager now, and a rather cool one (must be my sister’s influence!) so we can actually have proper conversations. ;)

Being out there, I felt very happy to have *family*. :) most of my family experience so far had been visiting old aunts and uncles or babysitting cousins – but my sister and cousin I can actually relate to, and it’s amazing how much we have in common. I’ll have to get the photo of the three of us…
My nephew’s awesome too, even when he’s being a stubborn little bastard, and I highly approve of my sister’s bf. ;) I wish I could visit them more often.

Anyways… arriving in borne, I was greeted by vandenoever with two bikes. :) Unfortunately he’d forgotten to lower the seat, so I had to ride without sitting – wow, that takes a lot of effort. especially after a full day of travel. Still, it was pretty cool to just hop on a bike – I wish we had that kind of bike culture in vancouver.
I was quite impressed by his house, too. it was clear that many parts of it were not just built, but *designed* – especially the kitchen. :) The cupboards opened upwards so nobody’d hit their head on a door, there were giant drawers with organizers (works better than it sounds) – I love seeing good design like that in RL, as much as in software. :)
Oh, and they had chickens in the (very pretty) backyard. :) I helped eat their eggs. :D

I didn’t see much of borne, though – I spent nearly all my time hacking on odfkit. jos has blogged about that already. :) I also spent the weekend with boud, in deventer – between the heat and the unexpected (and bad) music right outside their house, I wasn’t feeling great that weekend, but I got a little hacking done, discovered a new fantasy author, and got a photo of boud’s daughter holding far too much tequila. ;)

Now I’m on a bus, almost at linkoping, where me and rrix will be staying overnight at ingwa’s place. Tomorrow we’re all heading up to stockholm to meet sandsmark and take the boat to helsinki – I wonder whether there’ll be as much booze as the *last* akademy boat trip ;)

…and now I’m with rrix and ingwa and his gf, and we’ve had a yummy dinner and I think I might fall asleep now :) yay :)

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